Marco Land Practice for design and development Berlin, GER

Selected Projects (design /w Büro Otto Sauhaus, development) Website for the project “Mikro Sachsendorf” which communicates findings from urban and migration research to people in a simple way (development) Website for the exhibition “UMBAU” during the Biennale Architettura 2023 in Venice, IT (design, development) Portfolio website for director/photographer Camille Summers-Valli (design, development) E-commerce site for curated vintage pieces (design, development) A camera web-app that seamlessly substitutes your captured photos with visually similar images sourced from the web, questioning how we perceive and share visual moments (design, development) A branch of CCamera that replaces your captured photos with images generated by artificial intelligence (design, development) CI / Website for Rundgang (design, development) Website for a gallery in Cologne, GER (design, development, both /w Vinzenz Aubry) Website for David Schiesser which allows a playful exploration of 3D scans of tattoos (design, development, both /w Vinzenz Aubry) Website for David Schiesser which allows a playful exploration of 3D illustrations (design, development) Portfolio website for DOP Maximilian Pittner (development /w Paul Lacour) Website for photography magazine DER GREIF (design /w Matthias Hübner, development) Website about the history of German art book publisher DKV (development /w Lukas Eberlein) E-commerce site for fashion brand LE MONDE BÉRYL (design /w STAN HEMA, development) Archive for Werner Düttmann‘s work in Berlin (design, development) This useless website lets people fight over a button to be toggled on or off (design, development) While I track my scrolling distance on any website with the assistance of a browser extension, this website offers you an opportunity to discover my digital journey along the Way of St. James in Spain. Experience real-time information including current progress, speed, estimated time of arrival, and much more (design, development) This web tool allows users to effortlessly overlay posters onto 3D scans, providing an immersive experience for showcasing artwork or designs in a virtual environment (design, development) Web tool which helps to create spinning book covers (development) Website for 2019‘s Tanzkongress in Dresden, GER

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