Marco Land

Development & Graphic Design

I am an independent developer and graphic designer specialising in work for art, architecture and cultural projects. I studied communication design and worked for design studios in Berlin (NODE Berlin Oslo) and New York (Project Projects). Among commissioned jobs I work on several self-initiated projects in the fields of coding and graphic design.

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Selected projects

Marco Land, A School, A Park

A School, A Park

Design and development, designed with Sean Yendrys and Sarah Discours


The Swamp Pavilion

Website for The Swamp Pavilion, the Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennial of Architecture 2018
Designed and developed with/for NODE Berlin

Marco Land, Malte Zenses

Malte Zenses

Design and development for artist Malte Zenses


CCamera App

Concept, design and development of CCamera, the first camera app that takes images that have already been uploaded to the internet.

Marco Land, Tom Król

Tom Król

Design and development of the portfolio for Brussels based artist Tom Król


Unsere Schule!

A blog showcasing concepts for schools of tomorrow, submitted by students and commissioned by HKW
Designed and developed with/for NODE Berlin

Marco Land, TOLEDO

TOLEDO — Übersetzer im Austausch der Kulturen

Website design with/for NODE Berlin. Web development: Systemantics

Marco Land, _thek


Website design and development for _thek

Marco Land, IKOB – Museum for Contemporary Art

IKOB – Museum for Contemporary Art

Website for IKOB — Museum for Contemporary Art in Eupen, Belgium
Designed and developed with Matthias Hübner who is also responsible for the corporate identity



Collecting and curating removed graffiti since 2013. Video submitted by Ebba Pero



Design and development for artist David Ostrowski. Designed in collaboration with the artist

Marco Land, Abriss

XXXX (Abriss)

Abriss is a German word meaning “ripped” or “torn-off”, fitting for a year-less calendar composed of collected ticket stubs that have been enlarged and warped with a Xerox machine to form new typographic compositions

Marco Land, MD Bar

MD Bar

Development for artist bar MD in Cologne, Germany

Marco Land, Catalogue

Catalogue, by Amie Siegel, published by Inventory Press,
Designed with/for Project Projects (creative direction: Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels)


Zündel Zündel

The lighter collection of Deniz Weber and myself